The Neighbourhood Project.

Meet the creators of The Neighbourhood Project.

Nini Parfitt.

Georgina Parfitt is a writer of all kinds of things. She's originally from Norfolk, studied at Harvard University, and is currently in Hove, trying to overhear her neighbours' conversations. You can find her fiction and features in The Atlantic, The Harvard Advocate, Unthology No.6 by Unthank Books, and at


ScribblyRoo, sometimes known as Hatty Leith, is an illustrator and graphic designer, also from Norfolk. She studied Graphic Communications at Bath School of Art and Design. She writes and illustrates children's picture books and graphic novels. To see some of her work, visit or check out her Facebook page.

Parfitt and Roo met during their A levels in 2006 and have remained close eversince. When Parfitt moved to Brighton in 2015 they developed The Neighbourhood Project together, inspired by the history of the lanes and the notion of creating an interactive art project.